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If your interested in any Marama Care services, would like to make a referral or simply want more information about personal care, supported accommodation and enablement for service users who are vulnerable as a result of various conditions and impairments, please call us on either of the telephone numbers opposite or drop us a message using our simple contact form below.

    Office Address:

    Poseidon House
    Neptune Park
    PL4 0SJ
    • Office: 01752 279451

    • Referrals: 07427 031347

    • Recruitment: 07833 464523

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    There are a variety of different types of supported living we can offer, and we’ll strive to find the best option for you.

    Referrals Process

    We accept referrals from NHS mental health case managers and provider trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), community mental health teams, secure hospitals, rehabilitation and recovery inpatient services, and social services.


    Admission to our Supported Accommodation is through referral to our dedicated Managers using the contact details below. For each referral we will conduct:
    • A review of the individuals history, needs and present circumstances
    • An assessment as to whether the individual needs can be met as part of our robust placement matching
    • An assessment related to the composition of the scheme’s current residents
    • Emergency admissions will be accepted, provided that the above information has been supplied to consider the appropriateness of the placement.


    We review every placement plan on a regular basis. This is undertaken through consultation  with the service user and representatives from the mental health team to ensure that the plan is current, appropriate and relevant to the service user’s needs. Any significant change to the placement plan will be discussed and agreed at a formal placement review.


    To make a referral please click here. If your referral is urgent, please call the on-call manager on: 07427 031347 (24hr, including emergency referral number). You can also;
    • Ask about our latest availability
    • Discuss which home / location would be most suitable
    • Discuss potential placements or find out additional information
    • Make a referral (please include as much detail as possible with reassurance that this is a secured e- mail address only accessible to our placement team